Catholic San Francisco, Knights of Columbus and Humble Gratitude

Two wonderful lessons I’ve learned throughout my discernment are a deeper humility and gratitude toward God and those who have stepped forward in support of my vocation. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Alaska Knights of Columbus have invited me to be present and meet with their delegates as they arrive for the […]

Interview: When Debt Cripples a Vocation

Cy Laurent, director of the Laboure Society, was recently interviewed for an article in the online singles magazine, Tobias regarding educational debt and its effect on vocations today, as well as the work that Laboure Society is doing to free aspirants from debt so they may pursue their vocation.  The full interview article, which was reprinted by Catholic Digest, […]

New Life

Alleluia!  Christ is risen!!  This time of year has become one of my favorites, for many reasons.  The air is perfumed with new life – flowers and grasses, incense and chrism oil.  The Church rejoices in the resurrection of the Bridegroom, Savior, and King and the addition to our Church family of many new brothers […]