I Left My Heart in San Francisco…

IMG_2513It wasn’t that long ago I spent the first days of Lent inside the cloister at Corpus Christi Monastery.  As part of the discernment process, many cloistered communities have a required “live-in” period that a young woman must complete called an aspirancy.  The purpose is to give the young woman a little more insight and experience with life in that community, and to give the community more time to get to know the young woman, before she sells all she owns and begins formation.  I asked to complete my aspirancy during the month of February; that year, Ash Wednesday fell almost exactly in the middle of my month-long stay.

As I was preparing to leave at the end of my four weeks, hugging the sisters who had gathered at the cloister door to say farewell, the application papers tucked away in my luggage, I knew I had to take care of a few things in the world before I could come back.  I had to complete and submit the application paperwork, including medical records, a psychological exam, and other things required for the community to review and decide whether I might be a good fit for their community and life.  And, of course, I had to resolve my student loans.  But I knew my heart was being left behind – I felt I had found what I’d been looking for my whole life: my place in this world, prepared for me by Jesus, until He called me to my true home with Him.  I hoped to be accepted to the postulancy and I could not wait to be free to return and give my life wholly in contemplation and prayer for the Church, the preaching of the Gospel and the salvation of souls.

Now, I can scarcely believe I could be within months of that becoming reality.  After the last class, which ended December 31st, The Labouré Society is holding a total of $66,000 in grants to be applied to my student loans while I am in formation!  This means I have approximately $35,000 left of my student loans to resolve so I may finally be free to return to Corpus Christi Monastery.  I am working on fundraising for what I anticipate will be my last class with The Labouré Society; my hope is that in June, there will be sufficient funds to award grants to not just me, but to all my fellow aspirants so we can deliver 18 vocations to formation this summer and fall!  As before, my individual goal is to raise $45,000 for The Labouré Society before June 30th.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support – I invite you to meet my fellow aspirants and hear their vocation stories.

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