A Year Ago Today

St. Thomas Aquinas is one of the most beloved Dominican saints.  Most who know of the Angelic Doctor are familiar with his unparalleled contributions to philosophy and theology; some are familiar with more personal details about his life, such as how he came to enter the Dominican Order.  He faced many obstacles to joining the […]

Catholic San Francisco

Last month, I received a call from George Raine, a reporter with Catholic San Francisco, requesting an interview for their upcoming vocations edition.  The story was released this week at: http://www.catholic-sf.org/news_select.php?newsid=27&id=58006 One of my written responses was also published as a short article: “Called to the Fullness of Spiritual Motherhood” and can be read at: […]

Resolutions, Lists, and Perfectionists

I am a “list” person. I love them. A friend of mine used to joke I have “lists for my lists”. But, as many of you know, being a “list” person is actually just a symptom of something else – a planner person. Go a little deeper and you’ll find a planner person is often […]