Pride and Humility

Pride.  St. Thomas Aquinas called pride, which is inordinate self-love, the root of all sin.  Pick any sin and you can trace it back to a desire to do things one’s own way.  Simply put, pride is an unwillingness to acknowledge one’s proper place in God’s creation and relationship with Him.  It can take many […]

This Christmas

This could be it.  My last Christmas home, with my family.  As the desire to become a Dominican cloistered nun has grown over the last few years, this is the thought that is ever in my mind each year, and this year was no different.  After fundraising in support of vocations for The Laboure Society […]

Counting Down…

The current aspirant class of The Laboure Society is nearing the end, and what an end!  With the prayers, support, and assistance of so many, to date, we’ve raised over $190,000 in support of vocations!  As a result, some of us will be free to enter formation for the priesthood or religious life at the […]