So Close!

TClemens (Winter 2014)It’s been very busy these past few months, and the last two weeks have been very exciting!  God is doing some amazing things and I am so excited to be able to share them with you!  We are within striking distance of reaching the fundraising goal I need to achieve for this to be my last class with The Laboure Society and be free to enter formation with the Dominican nuns at Corpus Christi Monastery in Menlo Park, CA!

It’s been almost two years now since I started my first class with The Laboure Society.  Because of the generous support and prayers of so many like you, Laboure is currently holding $66,000 in grant funds to resolve my student loans so I may enter formation.  When I enter, those funds will be used to make minimum payments on my student loans until I profess vows, at which time the remaining balance will be paid in full.

I am close to the finish line, but am not quite there yet.   Because I have completed, and continue to complete, all the requirements of the Laboure program, I will merit another grant after this class ends, on June 30th.  If I raise an additional $39,000 before the end of the class, there will be sufficient funds available for the class to award me a grant that will free me to enter Corpus Christi Monastery this fall!

Last week, a generous friend made a pledge for $14,000, provided the remaining $25,000 needed to reach my individual goal is raised first.  This week, I received a commitment for $5,000 of that $25,000.  Together, we can raise the remaining $20,000 and deliver vocations, including mine, to formation this year!  Will you help by making a vocation-enabling donation today?  If you prefer to donate by mail, please make donations payable to “The Laboure Society” (with a note “In honor of Tara Clemens”), 1365 Corporate Center Curve, Ste. 104, Eagan, MN  55121.  Also, please share this information with others and invite them to join our vocation story!  We are in the home stretch but time is quickly running out!

Last visit at CCM

Visiting my sisters last fall!

Thank you for your prayers and generous support.  With your help, we are overcoming this obstacle to priestly and religious vocations!

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