Guadalupe Radio Network Interview of Toni Garrett and Cy Laurent

  A fellow Laboure Society aspirant and classmate, Toni Garrett, and Laboure Society founder and executive director Cy Laurent were recently interviewed by Dave Palmer of Guadalupe Radio Network regarding her vocation to the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, the problem of educational loans for all vocations, and the work and commitment of Laboure Society […]

Return to the Bay Area!

I’m returning to the Bay area in September!  This whirlwind trip, scheduled for September 6th – 8th, is for the purpose of meeting with individuals and groups interested in supporting vocations and the important work of the Laboure Society.   I humbly ask for your prayers between now and then. I also ask for your help in a […]

Mary Magdalene, Dominicans, and Fruit Tarts

What do these things have in common? More than you might think. Yesterday, July 22nd, was the feast of St. Mary Magdalene, or rather it would have been, had it not been superseded by the solemnity of Sunday. In any case, as Mary Magdalene was so dear to our Lord and, in fact, was the […]

A Divine Vocation

Why leave the world for a cloister?  What distinguishes a Dominican vocation?  This short video touches on these points and others through the eyes and experience of a 22-year old postulant and a 71-year old nun.  Highlighting some of the joys and challenges with a life consisting of “falling head-over-heels in love with Christ crucified, […]

Quote of the Day by Very Rev. Bede Jarrett, O.P.

With [St. Dominic’s] orderly scheme of Truth, achieved through freedom of mind and heart, he makes his appeal to certain souls. His way is not the popular way, for it implies much daring and many risks, since, if truth be the most fortifying of virtues, it is in many lives the most full of danger. […]

Pictures from the Cloister

Between traveling and visits with and from family, June has flown by!  I finally had the opportunity to download pictures from my camera and thought I’d share some from my time at Corpus Christi Monastery last month.  Enjoy!

QOTD: Contemplation is for all, but the contemplative life is only for a few…

The contemplative life is lived simply and solely for God.  It is not embraced by way of preparation for active works, but for its own sake, and the reason is not hard to find.  The worship of God is sufficient to occupy all the energies of His creatures.  What,after all, is the end for which […]

The True Value of Time

There is a popular saying in our culture, and particularly in the corporate world: Time is money.  I understand somewhat the root of this notion – in our post-industrial world, lost time is lost productivity, which translates to lost profits.  But it is also easy to lose proper perspective in life if it is only […]