New Life

Alleluia!  Christ is risen!!  This time of year has become one of my favorites, for many reasons.  The air is perfumed with new life – flowers and grasses, incense and chrism oil.  The Church rejoices in the resurrection of the Bridegroom, Savior, and King and the addition to our Church family of many new brothers and sisters who entered the Church at Easter vigil.  Many graces overflow and bubble through the hearts of Christians and the whole earth seems to join heaven in triumphant song.

It also brings up many memories of grace when God has touched my life, calling me to a deeper walk with Him.  I too entered into full communion with the Catholic Church at Easter vigil and as I see the radiant joy in the faces of those entering this year, I cannot help but recall my own feelings when I was standing in their shoes.  It was at Pentecost when I interviewed with the council of the Dominican nuns at Corpus Christi Monastery to request entrance as an aspirant and almost a year later, I entered the monastery for my aspirancy.

The Church teaches that each person when baptized is called to holiness.  God, having made us and knowing us better than we know ourselves, then calls us to a particular vocation to grow in holiness and charity toward one another.  So it seems quite appropriate that three weeks after Easter, when so many were baptized into a life of grace and that call to holiness, that the Church gives us a day to pray for vocations.  This year, the World Day of Prayer for Vocations takes place on Sunday, May 15th.  At my home parish, we are coordinating a 40 Hour Adoration for Vocations, starting May 13th and ending May 15th.  Check out your local parish – is there something you can do to encourage prayer and awareness of vocations that day (and even beyond)?

That same weekend, I have also been invited by the Knights of Columbus to be present and available to speak with delegates about my vocation at the opening day of their Alaska State Convention.  And, after a silent Lent of work and prayer, there are other stirrings too as a couple other individuals have made contact about my vocation again.  Please continue your prayers for me – I remain joyfully hopeful that the Risen Lord can and will provide in His time.  Peace and blessings from our Risen Lord to you this Easter Season!

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