So Close!

It’s been very busy these past few months, and the last two weeks have been very exciting!  God is doing some amazing things and I am so excited to be able to share them with you!  We are within striking distance of reaching the fundraising goal I need to achieve for this to be my […]

Delay of Vocations for Religious Who Professed Perpetual Vows in 2013

A recent study reveals that of those who professed perpetual vows in 2013 (meaning they entered an average of six to eight years ago), approximately 10% of them were delayed in entering formation by an average of 2 years because of student loans. Today, one in three applicants to religious communities have student loans; how […]

What Would You Do if You Didn’t Have Student Debt?

This was the question recently asked by Julia O’Malley, an Anchorage reporter and columnist.  She highlights some of the answers she received here. The question is timely.  Last week, Congress passed a bill that ties college loan interest rates to the market.  This translates to lower interest rates now, but the possibility of interest rates […]