For Love.

Last week, I was flat-out sick.  For me, this was no ordinary head cold.  I have new-found empathy for those that suffer with sinus issues.  I’ve never really had sinus troubles, but this cold caused some terrible sinus pain – enough to make my teeth and jaw hurt for a week.  I still have some […]

Lessons From Martha

Most Christians know the story.  Jesus and His disciples were kicking back in the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.  Martha was busy in the kitchen, trying to prepare a meal for the houseful of men.  And where is her sister, Mary?  Sitting with the guys at Jesus’ feet, in rapt awe.  Frustrated, Martha finally […]

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

April has been a blur.  It started gloriously with Easter, then continued to pick up speed.  My parents and I continued to paint, pack, reorganize and prep the house for sale, with my brother and his family coming over most every weekend to lend a helping hand.  The upside is the project is nearly done […]

Help Wanted

As with any family, there are certain expressions that you hear frequently inside a monastery.  One that sticks in my mind is, “nothing goes to waste.”  When living under a vow of poverty, it’s amazing how creative you can be in using and reusing ordinary items.  Necessity is truly the mother of invention and there […]