The Wedding Feast


Wedding Feast at Cana

Fundraising is mission work. It is connecting with people and inviting them to support something worthwhile. Sometimes, as in this case, something eternal. Often I hear, “no, I’m not interested.” Sometimes, I hear “tell me more.” Then, I may hear, “yes, we want to support this mission!” To keep me on track and moving forward, every week, I have a telephone conversation with my TLS accountability partner. As he reminds me each week, “it’s my job to try and get you to the wedding feast on time.” The wedding feast.

Growing up, many girls dream of their wedding day, what married life will be like, and have elaborate plans and ideas by the time they are nearly grown. I never did. I always wanted my wedding day and marriage to be something my beloved and I would plan together, a reflection of both of us. And while my girlfriends and sister met their spouses-to-be, though there were times of loneliness, I was generally content to wait and keep company with Jesus.

When I started law school, I started to drift. I was so busy with work and school, I didn’t take time for church and prayer like I had before. After three years, I felt alone in the dark and knew that Jesus and finding a faith community were my way back. I asked Him, “Where do you want me? Which church do you want me in?” Over the next few months, He answered by leading me to the Catholic Church.

I moved to Alaska, sure that I would finally meet my spouse and we would start a family. I was looking for work and began praying a vocation prayer. He answered all my prayers by revealing Himself as my beloved. The One who had been with me all this time had been gently and patiently wooing my heart and I never realized He wanted me for Himself.

Often when I share my story, people respond with, “well, you’re young. You can afford to wait a few years.” It is true I am still young and I will wait on God and persevere – all things in His timing. At the same time, there is a yearning, an ache to be with my Beloved in the home on earth He is preparing for me, much like an engaged woman longs to finally be wed to her betrothed so they can start making a home together. I long to continue this courtship inside the cloister. I long to be with my community of sisters. I long to more deeply live the calling of spiritual motherhood in my heart by offering myself and my prayers for the Church and the salvation of souls.

Please pray for me and my fellow aspirants as we pray and work and invite others to support vocations like ours. Will you help us get to the wedding feast on time?

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