All About…Who Again?

I faced one of my most dreaded situations this morning.  A dead car.  No, it wasn’t the battery.  My best guess is the cold snap we’ve experienced (dipping below zero at night and not much warmer in the day) took its toll on my little ride and its usual dependability was frozen in the driveway.  In vain, and with some degree of frustration, I repeatedly tried to start it, heating it as best I could with the block heater.  Finally I resigned myself to calling a tow truck, my mechanic and a cab.

I’d like to say I took the situation in perfect stride and offered it up with joy.  Oh, I prayed, but they were prayers verging on desperate pleas and fleeting thoughts of “why me, why today?”  “Why not?” was the response.  “But this will cost me time and money!”  No answer.  Sighing, I reminded myself that this was an opportunity to grow in faith and trusting God. 

Trying to maintain a good attitude, I made my calls and waited.  I was sorely tempted to broadcast my complaints via Facebook, but then I remembered how God feels about complaining and ingratitude – deadly vipers biting the grumbling Israelites in the desert and all (not sure to what I’m referring?  Check out Numbers 21:4-9). 

Finally, my taxi arrived.  A friendly young woman asked from the driver’s seat, “Where to?” 

“Downtown”, I politely smiled. 

“So, how’s your day going?”  she asked next. 

“Oh, okay.  Car won’t start.  Gonna have it towed.  Such is life.”  I smiled some more. 

Then somewhere between the house and the highway, we went from talking about the day, her college, career and life aspirations, to talking about the meaning of life.  By the time she dropped me off, we’d touched on Oprah, why we exist and the purpose of life, and what it means to live in God’s will.

As I entered my office, I thought, “If my car had started as usual, I never would have met her today and we’d never had that conversation.”  Perhaps she needed my breakdown more than I did.  Perhaps not.  God knows.  Like a gentle thump on the head, I was reminded, once again, it’s not all about me.  And for that, I am grateful.

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