Last Monday marked the halfway point in my aspirant class’ fundraising efforts with The Laboure Society.  As a result of your prayers and support, my class has raised a total of $81,188.35 for vocations!  As for progress on my individual goal, $8,275 has been given in support of vocations in my honor.  Another $11,500 has been pledged, which means $19,775 has been raised/pledged against my goal of $45,000.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support!  I remember each of you with deep gratitude in my prayers as well. 

As far as we’ve come, we still have a ways to go.  I’m headed back to the Bay area October 4 – 8 to speak at a Serra club meeting with Cy Laurent, the founder and executive director of The Laboure Society; if you or someone you know would like to meet (individual or group), I’d be happy to share my vocation story and more about the work of The Laboure Society in fostering vocations.  A local Knights of Columbus council in Anchorage has also generously offered to host a fundraising dinner in early November; I’ll be sure to post more details as they come available. 

Please continue to pray for me over the next couple months.  Only 14 weeks left to raise $25,225 to meet my goal of $45,000 for vocations!

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