Ever Ancient, Ever New

Did you know the Dominican Order has its own Rite?  The Dominican Rite goes back to the 13th century, almost to the founding of the Order.  This makes the Dominican Rite older than the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite.  To this day, the Dominicans are still permitted to maintain and celebrate the Mass according to the Dominican Rite.  As the feast of St. Dominic is this week, many Dominican parishes will be celebrating at least one Mass according to the Dominican Rite.   For more information about Dominican liturgy, there is a wonderful blog, Dominican Liturgy, maintained by Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. that is rich in information and resources.

 If you are in the Anchorage area, consider coming to the Missa Cantata according to the Dominican Rite at Holy Family Cathedral on Sunday, August 5, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. for the solemnity of Our Holy Father Dominic.  I am blessed to be part of the schola that sings for the Dominican Rite masses and we are particularly looking forward to this Sunday.  Deo gratias!

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