Another Bend in the Road Uphill

As I’ve written before, if there’s one thing the past several months, well, few years, have taught me is that God works in ways and a timeframe completely different than our own.  Several months ago, I had resigned myself to that fact that, at least for the time, I had turned over the rocks available to me and knocked on the doors before me in an effort to resolve my debt.  I had no expectations other than God would provide according to His will.  That is still my hope and expectation.  And He provided me with a wonderful job, which has kept me extremely busy; and which has helped me continue chipping away at the hurdle before me.

Then two things happened within a week of each other that encouraged me once again.  The first is with regard to Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations.  I had applied (for the second time) for a grant.  Unfortunately, but not wholly unexpected, my application was denied strictly for financial reasons – my debt load is still to large.  A couple weeks ago, I stumbled across the notification letter and reread it – and was encouraged.  While there are never promises, they did have a couple suggestions for putting myself in a better place should I apply again in the future, namely reducing my debt to approximately $60,000 or less. 

That same week, I received an unexpected e-mail.  The Laboure Society is making preparations to start the next class of aspirants, beginning June 1st and I was invited to be part of the class.  It runs from June 1st through the end of the year.  Grants are awarded shortly thereafter.  This means a whirlwind weekend trip to Minnesota June 2nd and 3rd, among other tasks.

So I have my work, I have a goal, and I continue to pray.  More details to come!

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