Date Targeted, Onward!

This week, I received the news that I was accepted for entrance to the postulancy at Corpus Christi Monastery.  June 8, 2011 is the target date for my entry into the cloister, to be confirmed as the date draws closer and pending resolution of my educational debt.  This will be no small task, but I am overjoyed at this bit of news and have confidence in Jesus, the lover of my soul, and His provision. 

June 8th also happens to be the feast day of three Dominican cloistered nuns – Blesseds Cecilia, Diana, and Amata.  These three women knew St. Dominic personally and were the first nuns at Saint Agnes Dominican Convent in Bologna, Italy.  Bl. Diana also happens to be one of my favorite Dominicans.  Very beautiful and raised in an affluent family, she was used to attention and indulging in the finer things.  When she was about 16, a group of friars from a new order came to Bologna and captivated many with their gifted preaching, including the young Diana.  After listening to Reginald of Orleans preach, she devoted herself to the cause of the Dominican friars and begged her father to grant them a church of which he had patronage.

She also determined a convent of Dominican nuns should be established in Bologna and during St. Dominic’s last trip to the city, the two conversed on this matter.  During their conversation, Diana’s worries and fears dissolved.  Placing her hands in St. Dominic’s, she made a vow to enter the Dominicans as soon as she was able.  It would take many years and much patience and suffering before she would be able to fulfill this vow, as her family was strongly opposed to her becoming a nun and her father refused to grant her permission.  After running away to an Augustinian convent, being dragged back by her brothers, then spending time in seclusion and eventually running away to the convent again, her family gave up and let her go.  Once the Dominican monastery was finished, she entered it joyfully and was instrumental to its foundation and establishment.

Bl. Diana is also well-known for her friendship with the second Master of the Order, Bl. Jordan.  After St. Dominic died, Diana was deeply grieved – this occurred after she was dragged home from the Augustinian monastery and was confined to her family home, nursing her injuries and waiting for news on the Dominican convent.  Shortly after St. Dominic’s death, Bl. Jordan and Bl. Diana’s friendship grew to be a great encouragement to each other.  The written correspondence between the two, of which only Bl. Jordan’s letters have survived, is often cited as an example of a holy, spiritual friendship, and highlights the unique relationship between the friars and nuns of the Dominican order.

Blesseds Diana, Cecilia, and Amata, St. Dominic, Bl. Jordan, and all the Dominican saints and blesseds, pray for us.  And, my dear readers, I continue to humbly ask for your prayers and support – please pray for me as I continue on this path God has laid before me, that I would walk as He would instruct and that through the work He would give me and the generosity of others, this last remaining obstacle would be removed. 

Deo Gratias!


  1. Sr. Mary Catherine,OP says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TARA! I’m so happy for you. I pray everyday that many generous souls will come to your aid. Like Bl. Diana, I have great confidence that you will overcome this obstacle. Jesus is in charge!

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