Thoughts of God

“You have no time to occupy your thoughts with complacency or consideration of what others will think.  Your business is simply, ‘What will my Father in heaven think?’”  ~St. Katharine Drexel

It’s easy to get comfortable in going with the flow, or worrying about how others might perceive us.  For me, I was always the “good kid”, the one who could start crying if I got on the wrong side of someone I admired and respected.  Worrying about perceptions was something I did often. 

Over my life, I’ve had to learn how to refocus my attentions to seek God alone.  Especially since entering the Catholic Church and now that its “public knowledge” I’m discerning to be a cloistered nun, I’m getting used to swimming against the current, of being perceived more as a “black sheep.”  It is countercultural to want to give yourself completely to Christ, to allow every decision you make, every action you take be preceded with, “What is your will, Lord?  Tell me and I will do it.”  This applies not just to those discerning religious life, but to everyone in every vocation – we are all called to give ourselves completely and seek to be occupied with doing the work of building the Kingdom as He has chosen, gifted, and called us.  Each vocation provides a beautiful facet of what that looks like and each can and should support the others by good stewardship of their time, resources, and talents.

This is not something that comes easy – it takes a lifetime of practice and discipline.  But what a glorious thing when we are faithful to seek and do His will!


  1. This is amazing! I will certainly pray for you as I am in a similar point of life! I am enter a contemplative in action order, the Salesian Sisters, on August 24th. 🙂 Congrats!

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